The European Commission released its Annual Growth Survey 2015. It is based on 3 priority axis encouraging Member States to 1)boost investment, 2) renew commitment to structural reform and 3)pursue fiscal responsibility. Eurodiaconia first assesment is that despite some good elements, the AGS lacks a true social perspective, without proposals to address the still dramatic social situation millions of people experience across the EU. It does not take into account the need for social peace and social cohesion, both of which are prerequisites for growth and competitiveness. In particular, the very interesting findings of the Joint Employment Report are not appropriately reflected in the AGS. For more information on Eurodiaconia first analysis of the AGS 2015, please read the letter addressed to the Social Protection Committee members ahead of the joint SPC-EMCO meeting to take place on 3rd December (Eurodiaconia reacts to AGS 2015 ahead of joint SPC-EMCO meeting).

For more information:

European Commission Press release: EU Annual Growth Survey 2015: A new Momentum for Jobs, Growth and Investment