Our member Armenian Round Table has funded a project within the framework “Bright Future for the Youth”, which aims to develop the skills of Syrians, Iraqi and other refugees and local youth, by providing them with scholarships, capacity building training and ensuring work experience through professional internships.

In February 2020, a total of 102 applicants submitted their documents for screening by the selection committee. The majority of the applications requested for reimbursement of the tuition fee for the spring semester. The main evaluation criteria were the high academic performance of the applicants, their level of social activity and socio-economic needs. Due to the pandemic interviews with shortlisted candidates were conducted online.

The selection committee consisted of Sarkis Bakhian, the Executive Director of Aleppo-NGO, Araks Martirosyan, the Project Coordinator, Karen Nazaryan, Director of the WCC Round Table Foundation, Rubina Devrikyan, Program Manager, and Armen Nersesyan, Educational Program Coordinator of the ”My Step” Foundation.

The jury decided to support a total of 46 students from Armenia, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Lebanon.


To read more about the work of the Armenian Round Table, please visit their website.