The integration and inclusion of migrants are at the forefront of Eurodiaconia and its members’ organisational priorities.

Through producing a briefing for Members on the European Commission’s Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021- 2027 we hope that our network will be encouraged and equipped to establish themselves as key civil society partners in order to push for a robust implementation of the Action Plan at a national level.

Over the past 19-months, we have witnessed our migrant communities leading the way in our frontline response to COVID-19 through many key service positions. However, the pandemic has also shown that although migrants contribute massively to the EU economy, they continue to disproportionately experience a variety of challenges, barriers and discrimination – such as access to quality employment and integration into the labour market.

To know more about the Action Plan and what you can do to engage with, advocate for and support the integration and inclusion of our migrant communities, click here!