The European Commission has released a new publication titled ‘European Alliance for Apprenticeships: Good for Youth, Good for Business – Four Years On’ that details the achievements and successes of the Alliance in the four years since its formation in 2013.

The European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) was launched to help tackle youth unemployment, and brings together stakeholders in employment and education, aiming to increase the quality, supply and attractiveness of apprenticeships across Europe. Over half a million training and job opportunities for young people have been mobilised since the launch of EAfA in 2013. Four years on, it now embraces 35 countries and has inspired over 200 pledges from companies, social partners, chambers, education and training providers, youth organisations and research bodies.

The brochure explores some of the stories behind the numbers and figures relating to EAfA, and includes testimonies from young people, and from companies who are stepping up to the mark and acting as an inspiration to others in opening up new opportunities for apprenticeships and training. The leaflet also provides information on policy, supporting organisations and funding opportunities, as well as profiling success stories and explaining future plans to build on the work of the Alliance in the coming years.

This publication is available as an online pdf, and also in print version in English, French and German.