Our Italian member Diaconia Valdese has recently launched its 7th edition of Caffé Alzheimer. The project, implemented by Rifugio Re Carlo Alberto, a Diaconia Valdese’s elderly care centre offering services to people with Alzheimer, consists of 10 meetings for elders with Alzheimer and their families in a caffé in Pinerolo, Italy.

The meetings aim to be an opportunity for the elders, their families and the local community to meet up, sharing their personal experiences, and deepen their knowledge and understanding of Alzheimer and its implications on everyday life. The meetings will also see the participation of a wide range of professionals working in the field of Alzheimer, such as neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, speech therapists, and social workers, to answer patients and their families’ questions and concerns.

The Caffè Alzheimer project represents a unique opportunity to support families of people living with dementia to break the chain of social isolation. The project is meant to be the first link in the chain of services for elders with Alzheimer, which also includes home care assistance services, a day-centre, and nursing homes.

To know more about the Caffé Alzheimer project, please visit our member’s website.