two elderly people protected by a shieldEarlier this month, our Finnish member Caritaslaiset marked National Elderly Week under the motto “It’s happiness to get older“. The initiative aimed to highlight the positive aspects of ageing and asked residents in service homes to identify the little things that make them happy.

Many of them described life in elderly care facilities as joyful and activity-enhancing life change. The new environment opened them to new life experiences which they had not had before. These include playing music instruments, singing, taking long walks

Another positive aspect of old age was having enough time to focus on your self and your wellness. Senior citizens noted that earlier in life they were busy with raising children and providing for their families and felt as if they are not allowed to put their own mental and physical health at the center.

Third positive element of ageing is the availability of more time to make new friends. Without the time constraints associated with work life and childcare, senior citizens now had more time and energy to focus on building new relationships.

In Finland, National Elderly Week has been celebrated annually since 1954.


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