On the 28th of January our Finnish member Kirkkopalvelut (Church Resource Agency) launched a new website which provides information about all food distribution points and free meal spots around Finland every day.

The new service is intended to provide homeless people, elderly citizens and persons in financially difficult circumstances with a comprehensive map of the places around their city where different charities run food banks. The initiative aims to fill in an important gap in the social services landscape by connecting the over 100,000 Finnish citizens in need of food aid with the over 1,000 charities running food distribution centers in the country. The project managers hope that in the future this food aid network will grow and be used to organise cooking and food-sharing events and to bring people together.

The project was completed in partnership with Vantaa Joint Table, the cities of Espoo and Helsinki, the Finnish Red Cross, the Finnish Relief Society and the Central Union of the Unemployed.


For more information on Kirkkopalvelut’s initiative, please visit their website.