European_Commission_1160 x 650The Directorate-General for Budget of the European Commission has published a guide on EU-funding for beginners. On around 30 pages the booklet provides information on several topics related to EU-Funding. The publication introduces beginners to the wide range of European funding opportunities available. It offers basic guidance on the application procedures and it explains where to find more details. The guide contains updated information about the current EU programmes for the EU’s financial period 2014-2020. It targets six main categories of potential applicants: e.g. NGOs, young people, researchers and public bodies; including a helpful glossary explaining the most common terminology related to the topic and amounts available.

A foreword by Kristalina Georgieva (European Commission Vice-President for Budget and Human Resources) and the full booklet can be found here (EN).

For any further information about EU funding possibilities you can also contact Florian at