tool-kitsOn 20 June, the European Commission has published the ‘EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals’, an on- and off-line tool that is supposed to help to identify migrant’s skills. It is part of the Action Plan for the Integration of Migrants and the New Skills Agenda for Europe.

Many migrants arriving in Europe, especially asylum seekers, face difficulties proving their skills when looking for a job in Europe, because they lost their diplomas or their skills have been acquired in a non-formal way. In consequence, many are overqualified for the job they are doing. Therefore, the Skills Profile Tool aims at helping migrants to present their skills and qualifications acquired through formal as well as informal education and other experiences.  

The tool can be used by any authority, social service, reception facility, NGO or other organisation working with third country nationals and should be filled out together with the concerned person. It can then be used for the purpose of job-search, but also to identify which other steps should be taken, such as recognition of diplomas or skills, language courses or training for up-skilling.

You can try the Beta-Version of the Skills Profile Tool. It is currently still being reviewed and improved, so you can send your feedback on the tool to with the word “Feedback” in the subject line.