Early this month, Salvation Army France, part of our member The Salvation Army EU  Office, announced the positive outcome of a local programme to foster the professional integration of long-term unemployed persons.

The overarching idea is to provide 12-months employment contracts to long-term unemployed persons in professions lacking working force. A ‘win-win’ solution allowing programme participants to obtain employment qualification, and to gain back confidence.

In practice, a partnership has been made between “la Cité de Refuge”, a Parisian centre run by the Salvation Army, and its restaurant. About, 12 people were engaged as caterers for 26 hours a week, paid by the state at the wage rate of the French minimum income (SMIC).

After one year, this initiative has proven to be successful and renamed “Capa’Cité” [French for Capa’City]. Over 80% of the programme participants already found a job. A result far above other professional integration solutions from the group home. The project is to be developed in other French cities to tackle long term unemployment.

To know more about our member’s programme for long-term unemployed persons, check their website.