a boy fallen off his skateboard and with a bruiseOur Scottish member CrossReach has released its 2020 Annual Report on Residential Care and Education. In it the authors recap the activities which have been conducted and the goals which the pupils in their care centers have achieved over the past year.

For over 50 years CrossReach has provided residential care and education for young people suffering from traumatic experiences. The care is provided in large residential school campuses where the staff offer positive educational experiences for pupils within a supportive and nurturing environment. The ultimate goal is to engage young people in learning and to work towards their return home and to mainstream education.

The staff puts an effort to get to know the children well and to adapt the services to meet the needs of the children, eg. smaller houses, flexible approaches to learning, additional staff at difficult times. Attention is also paid to maintain excellent communication with the parents so as to be able to offer as much assistance to the child as possible.

In 2020, 72% of the beneficiaries achieved improvement in relationships and self-awareness, 66% – improvement in family connection, 60% – increase in their physical health and well-being, 50% – reduction in risk behaviors. No beneficiaries left the programme prematurely.

For more information, please read the full report.