Eurodiaconia publishes the report “Funding Overview of Sustainability Opportunities for Social Services”.


The EU and its member states have allocated a substantial budget of €550 billion within the current long-term budget (2021-2027) that will go towards the objective of reaching climate neutrality. In 2021, the EU took a critical step by adopting the EU Climate Law, which legally binds the EU to the Green Deal and commits it to achieving climate neutrality by 2050. Realising this ambitious goal necessitates substantial investments spanning over all sectors. Such profound transformations inevitably put our social fabric to the test. Consequently, it is crucial for social services to remain flexible and adaptive in order to become more sustainable and support individuals throughout the green transition.


The report includes information on the EU Green Deal and funding programmes that support projects explicitly aligned with sustainability objectives relevant to the social sector. Additionally, it sheds light on the initiatives and actions undertaken by both Eurodiaconia and our members in this domain.


Read the full report here!


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