IMG_1009On Wednesday the 1st of June, our Czech member Slezská diakonie (Silesian diaconia) organised the 4th edition of the annual conference on the Programme for Foster Families in Trinec (CZ).
The event saw the participation of a large number of people working for the childcare system, as well as professionals from the 3 bordering countries, and was aimed at enhancing the quality of the foster care programs run by Slezská diakonie. The lectures and the workshops mainly focused on the importance of partnerships and the role of biological parents.
Slezská diakonie is the largest social support provider for foster families at national level, and through its Programme for Foster Families faces the daunting task of supporting about 250 minors in foster care, and roughly the same number of caregivers across the country.

The event was broadcasted by the Czech TV iVysílání.

Find the news here and the video here (CZ).