an open book with textThe Institute for Diakonic Science and Management (IDM) in Bielefeld/Bethel, the United Evangelical Mission, an international communion of 38 churches in Africa, Asia and Europe, the v.Bodelschwingh Foundation, Bread for the World, Desk for Theology and Ecumenism, Diakonia Germany, the All African Conference of Churches (AACC), and the Desk for Ecumenical Diakonia in the World Council of Churches have joined hands to develop an International Handbook on Ecumenical Diaconia.

The book consists of approximately 800 pages and includes over 100 key essays on contemporary issues including COVID-19 written by eminent scholars and researchers from across the globe and all major Christian traditions. It was developed to bring together key resources on biblical-theological foundations, regional and confessional expressions, new themes and trends and educational approaches and curriculum models for diaconia and Christian social services which can enrich current training courses for diaconia and widen the horizon by inter-contextual and inter-cultural perspectives.

The resulting essays are divided into four groups:

  • Theologies of Diaconia in Different Ecclesial and Social Contexts
  • Concepts and Profiles of Diaconical Ministries in Different World Regions
  • Trends and Crucial Concerns in Diaconia
  • Models and Methods for Competency Building in Diaconia


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