Our Spanish member Diaconia España (Diaconia Spain) has recently launched a series of projects to address extreme poverty and social exclusion in the Country.

Since the economic crisis, many families have been struggling to provide basic needs such as clothing and school material to their children. Many of these families are immigrants and Spanish families facing extreme poverty. Unfortunately, Diaconia España’s new foundrasing initiatives are currently not close to reaching their targets. This is the reason why we invite our members and partners to support these initiatives and forward them to anyone in their membership who might be interested.

The new fundraising initiatives are:

Actua: Sonrisa Anticrisis (Act: Anti-crisis Smile). This project is a program executed through three executing entities that work in different neighborhoods of Madrid and Barcelona. Activities include School for Parents, School Services Support, support in the active look for employment to parents, psychological support, camps that help families reconcile, sports activities, etc. You can donate to help finance the project on the Sonrisa Anticrisis page.

Servicio de Atencion a la Urgencia Social de Diaconia. This project aims to support families with food and other basic goods such as medicines, sanitary expenses, glasses, books, and school materials. In addition, they provide strengthening measures to increase employability, school support, social integration and acquisition of social abilities, etc. You can donate to support the project on the Servicio de Atencion page.

Rompe la cadena. This project looks directly at human trafficking with purposes of sexual exploitation. In partnership with its local entities across Spain, Diaconia España runs 25 shelters, providing protection and counseling for victims of trafficking or sexual abuse, as well as day-care centres and training services. Learn more about the project on the Rompe la cadena page.

Un nuevo hogar. This fundraising project is destined to support over 200 refugees that are looking for a place where they can feel safe, far from the uncertainty of forced change. Many people are forced to leave their homes due to war and political or economic situations that threaten their way of living. You can support Diaconia on the hogar page.