Representatives of 25 churches and ecumenical organizations including Eurodiaconia gathered in Sigtuna, Sweden from 11-13 January 2017 to explore the role of the Church and the resources of diaconia in promoting just societies, where wealth is shared fairly for the good of all and social protection is guaranteed as the right of all – so that no one shall be left behind.

Churches and faith based organisations have historically been, and continue to remain, at the forefront of providing social services and support to those living in the socio-economic margins. We therefore believe that we have a critical role to play in actively working for just societies and securing social protection for all. We affirm publicly funded social protection as a moral imperative and as a human right for all, and particularly for those that have been rendered invisible by current economic and development realities.

In the statement on Theology, Tax and Social Protection co-signed by Eurodiaconia, participants present a theological justification for taxation and social protection, and what we believe is the Church’s response and mandate in this time of inequality. This is important because we believe that social protection is an essential requirement for a just society, regardless of nationality, legal citizenship or the level of economic development in a country. We also believe that taxation is a fundamental instrument for redistributing wealth and for financing the common good so that all can have life in dignity.

To know more about diaconia in a time of inequality, check the Sigtuna Statement.