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On the 31st of March, our member in Italy Diaconia Valdese (Waldensian Diaconia) launched a new ‘’community centre’’ for migrants and foreign nationals.

The informational help desk has been inaugurated in Catania, Sicily, in cooperation with Oxfam Italia, and it is not only aimed at providing counselling to migrants but also aimed at becoming a meeting place for the local community.

The community centre will provide migrants and locals with a variety of services including administrative support (VISA permit, change of address) vocational guidance, community level services counselling, linguistic mediation, as well as organizing training and recreational activity.

Though the help desk in Catania is the first joint community centre brun by both Diaconia Valdese and Oxfam Italia, the two organisations have already been cooperating at ‘Casa delle Culture’ (Cultural House) in Arezzo, at ‘Passo Social Point’ in Turin, and at ‘Centro Polivalente Metropolis’ (Multifunctional Centre) in Florence.


To know more about the communioty centre, visit the Diaconia Valdese website.