Earlier this week, our Italian member Diaconia Valdese together with other international partners concluded a project on networking and cooperation at local and international level.

The project, started in October 2018, is called “ConNet – Connections: tools and competences for international and local networking and cooperation” aimed to enhance and develop cooperation and networking in international volunteer experiences, offering the subjects involved a learning path on the nature and working methodologies of international networks and, specifically, on the skills related to the creation and maintenance of networks.

During the project activities all involved participants experimented, learned or improved their knowledge about the nature and the functioning of a Network. Furthermore theygained key transversal competences: intercultural communication, team work, decision making, conflict and crisis management, peace building and democratic participation, leadership and followership.

The project involved 8 partner organizations in order to address the topic on an international level, involving 3 European organizations, from Italy, Hungary, Spain and 5 non-European organizations, from Nicaragua, Uruguay, Argentina and India.

All the participants achieved important competences to be used in their future programs and carrier. The project spread European values and opportunities at an international level and will foster the international cooperation.

We commend on the important work of our Italian partner, which is representative of the work ethic and drive of members of our network to strenghten local and international ties with communities and individuals.



If you would like to read the full project report, please visit the project website.

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