windowOur member in Poland, Diakonia Polska, (Diaconia Poland) has launched its so-called ‘Window’ project to provide school supplies to the most disadvantaged families. The aim of the project is to support children and young people from social disadvantaged families with school supplies and educational materials, with the ultimate objective of making education an equal opportunity for all.

Within the project, materials will be provided which will enable young children to get the most out of their time at school. As such, the project will cover the cost of school supplies, text books, school clothes or travel passes; all of which enable the student to go to school and access education. The goal of the project is to make educational opportunities an equal opportunity for all, regardless of the social, religious or economic standing of the pupil.

Diakonia Polska is a non-governmental organization which supports dioceses and other Church units by identifying new areas of work in the social sphere, creating and supporting projects, and cooperating with representatives of social care services, state and local government institutions for diaconal purposes.

Through the work carried out by Diakonia Polska, as many as 200 families in need of support have been outlined as potential beneficiaries of the ‘Window’ project. For more information and to support the work of Diakonia Polska, we invite you to visit their website.