a school teacher with childrenOn the occasion of World Day of Elementary Education, the 24th of January, our member Diakonie Austria has called for investment in kindergartens and nurseries.

In order to give children as good start in life as possible our member has advocated for increased preparation time for educators, more care time dedicated to each individual child, better inclusion of children with disabilities.

Ms Maria Katharina Moser, Director of Diakonie Austria, is quoted saying that “Kindergartens need an adequate framework so that they can sensitively support and accompany the educational processes of the children through observations and exchange between the carers“. The organisation emphasizes that there is a need for more coordinated and unified approach on the matter across the country.

It is pointed out that children with disabilities and chronic illnesses are particularly disadvantaged because of the lack of suitable institutions for early care in the country. This disadvantaged start sets up the children for increasing lack of developmental opportunities throughout their lives.

For further details, please visit Diakonie Austria’s website.