Our Austrian member Diakonie Austria won a prestigious award for one of its projects.

The MigAward, which took place during the “Integration Week“, is awarded annually since 2013 by a jury of 580 migrants from across Austria to persons, projects and organisations which have helped them adjust to their new lives and which have promoted their participation in the social life of the host country. A project run by Diakonie Austria and partners called “Migrants Care” was selected as a winner in the “Economy and Work” category.

The project, run by the agencies Caritas, Diakonie, Hilfswerk, Red Cross and Volkshilfe, is characterised above all by its focus on language, which for many migrants is a barrier to their dream job.

Martin Schenk, social expert at Diakonie Austria, appreciates this aspect of the award: “We are very pleased about the award because it is from affected persons for affected persons and because it recognises the importance of caring activities. In the current crisis, we can also see who the real key players are – for example, the graduates of migrants care.”


To learn more about the project and the award, please visit “Integration Week“‘s website.