Our German member Diakonie Deutschland has recently re-launched its online platform “Sozial-O-Mat” in view of the forthcoming European elections. With this tool, Diakonie Deutschland provides information on the four policy areas that are particularly relevant at the European level. These are fair living conditions, a fair economy, employment and education, as well as asylum and migration. The website is aimed at demonstrating how policy decisions in those areas impact the lives of citizens by explaining the finding of research and by sharing various stories of people living in Germany. In the context of the European Elections, the tool also provides information on how German parties plan to improve the situation in the respective areas. Users can not only obtain information about the parties’ manifestos but also find out whether the parties match their opinions.

According to our member, the consequences of political decisions on people can be experienced every day in diaconial work. Therefore, our member thinks that it is important for everyone to be aware of the implication of their choices.

To know more about our member’s platform for the European elections, check their website.