Earlier this week, our member Diakonie Kosova has released a new report on the activities of its Diakonie Training Center (DTC) over the first half of 2018. The DTC has been run by the organisation in Mitrovica (Kosovo) since 2010.

The report includes a description of the training courses helping over 180 students gaining professional skills (especially as hairdressers, tailors, and cooks), the new German-language center for students that want to go to Germany for better job opportunities, and the vocational training for returnees.

Thanks to donations especially from German NGOs, the DTC aims to tackle the high unemployment rate in Kosovo by preparing students with different ethnic and religious backgrounds for the labour market.

Diakonie Kosova has also been a partner in the Erasmus+ project “Empower You(th)!”, led by Eurodiaconia and recently concluded with the publication on our website of an Online Toolkit on innovative youth work methods.

To know more about Diakonie Kosova Training Center, please read the full report (available only in German).