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This past week, our member in Kosovo, Diakonie Kosova (Kosovo Diaconia) has been showcasing its past, present and future training opportunities. One of the main areas of Diakonie Kosova’s work is creating and providing specific skills training for entering the labour market, with courses such as creative crafts, foreign languages, and information technology. Since 2000, the Diakonie Training Center (DTC) has been established as an integral part of Diakonie Kosova as a training and crafts center in Mitrovica. Diakonie Kosova also has a Youth Centre and specialized center for trauma and therapy related courses which provide the opportunity to gain more skills and expertise.

This March, Diakonie Kosova is celebrating a second cohort of participants who have completed courses on Web Design as part of the Youth Centre activities. Specifically, young people who took part in the training gained skills on Photoshop, HTML & CSS, Php and MySQL, WordPress and web hosting. The aim of this is to equip young people with the technical and digital skills to enter the labour market, and enhance their career prospects.

In addition, the psycho-social center for trauma-therapy at Diakonie Kosova is organizing training between 10th and 12th April 2017, with Dr. Matthias Kollmann,  a specialist trauma therapist from the Pyscho-traumatology clinic. During this training opportunity, the topic discussed will be “Stress disorder after pain and trauma – Interconnection and Psychotherapy”.

Applications will remain open until the 31st March.

More information about this training opportunity at the trauma therapy center, including participation costs and how to apply can be found via the web page.