organic-foodOur member in Germany, Diakonie Michaelshoven has demonstrated its commitments to sourcing organic and chemical and pesticide free food produce in its centers in Cologne. Recently, Diakonie Michaelshoven’s catering service, Auxilio Dienstleistungen Michaelshoven GmbH undertook a voluntary certification audit to ensure its products meet the standards for the bio-label seal of quality. The bio-label is the seal of approval used to mark products from organic farming methods, and is defined and issued within EU guidelines on agriculture. As the largest diaconal institution in Cologne, Diakonie Michaelshoven and Auxilio supplies around 2,000 customers every day in the catering sector and prepares meals in its two cafes and bistro, as well as providing home catering. As a social service provider, our member is particularly committed to a strong and sustainable future for both society and the environment, which is why quality, sustainability and thus the careful handling of natural resources is high among its priorities.

Receiving the bio-label seal of approval is intended to ensure quality organic produce, and to regulate and facilitate the sale and availability of organic products that are free of harmful chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. By encouraging methods which are more environmentally friendly, Diakonie Michaelshoven puts an emphasis on healthy nutrition and climate protection. By taking concrete actions to provide sustainable and ethically sourced produce, they hope that this certification will putting their ideas on sustainability into practice, and raise awareness of how social and environmental issues are closely linked.

You can learn more about Diakonie Michaelshoven’s work on ensuring organic produce, and their other initiatives via their website.