Our German member Diakonie Michaelshoven has joined the “Nursing Star” campaign which aims to bring together former nursing staff with institutions that need additional assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Former health professionals who wish to join their colleagues in the fight against the disease can do so by registering at a specially dedicated website which already has established partnerships with various care facilities and hospitals across the country. Upon completing a simple registration procedure participants will almost immediately be able to receive offers from different institutional care centers and medical facilities based on their previous experience.

Mr. Uwe Ufer from Diakonie Michaelshoven has expressed his hope that many former nursing assistants will wish to cooperate. He appeals to former care staff to register because “the “Nursing Star” campaign is exactly what we need now”. He adds that “we urgently need additional staff to be able to offer our residents good care in this tense situation”.

The initiative has received the support of over 50 social and medical care institutions from all parts of Germany.


To learn more about the campaign, please visit Diakonie Michaelshove’s website.