© Diakonie Michaelshoven

Diakonie Michaelshoven, our member in Cologne, is awarded a donation of 2,052 EUR from KVB, the Cologne Transport Authority (Kölner verkehrs-betriebe). 

The generous donation will help facilitate and develop many of the organization’s existing projects and initiatives, including a playhouse for children, its Elisabeth-Fry-Haus centre for domestic violence, and also to replenish the emergency fund for special cases where support is urgently needed.

The donation was made during a festival on the grounds of the Tanzbrunnen open-air theatre and park in Cologne, on the 30th anniversary of the transport network in the Rhein-Sieg region. The event featured performances of many well-known musicians, and there was also a raffle competition where participants could win special prizes. The proceeds from the raffle draw will also go to  benefit the residents of the Elisabeth-Fry-Haus.

The Elisabeth-Fry-Haus is a center for the protection of domestic violence. It helps to not only provide a safe space for people suffering physical, mental or sexual violence against partners, children or other family members, but also to look at the social isolation and economic vulnerability which are characteristic of domestic abuse. The centre in Cologne-Raderthal helps with immediate support, involving taking women to emergency room at any time of day or night, and also more long term support in finding accommodation and peace in residential groups. The center will also offer counselling services to help victims overcome feelings of self-doubt, shame and guilt.

You can read more about the donation, and the domestic violence center and other projects from Diakonie Michaelshoven on their website.