miIn the last days, our member Diakonie Deutschland sent a letter to the German Conference of Interior Ministers, including some recommendations on Asylum and Integration Policy.

The message – a joint statement also signed by the Caritas in Germany – outlines a critic view on the governmental proposal of new anchor centers for asylum seekers in Germany.

The creation of anchor centers will not allow asylum applications to be processed faster and above all in safer way” says Maria Loheide, Social Policy CEO of Diakonie Germany. In commenting the Interior Minister conference on the implementation of a pilot project for contact anchor centers, Diakonie Deutschland also expresses the need of an opposite integration policy.  “Asylum seekers – continues Loheide – should be accommodated in communal accommodation as quickly as possible, stay in their own living space having contacts with the surrounding environment, as well as be connected to the local infrastructure, and be allowed to work. Children need also access to day care and school“.

To know more on Diakonie Deutschland’s statement on asylum seekers and integration policy, please read the news on their website.