Our member in Serbia, Ekumenska Humanitarna Organizacija (Ecumenical Humanitaria Organisation) is running its intercultural education project for the fifth year in a row. The training opportunity run by the Ecumenical Humanitaria Organisation (EHO) gives accredited training in the field of intercultural education for educational workers, teachers and professional associates. The project is focused on intercultural education, and it aims to develop capacity and acceptance to improve living conditions of Roma, Roma women and other marginalized groups, to prevent irregular migration and to encourage reintegration of returnees in Serbian society.

Since 2013, when the programme was initiated, EHO has organized 40 training activities for a large cross section of educators, involving 1320 teachers and 260 schools in over 100 locations across Serbia. This year’s courses, which will take place between April and June 2017, is the fifth consecutive year where training will be given aimed at fostering mutual acceptance and understanding of cultural difference, as well as issues surrounding migration and integration. Run through the Centar za proizvodnju znanja i veština at EHO (Accreditation Centre for the production of knowledge and skills), this year’s training seeks to develop the competencies of educational professionals working with students from diverse cultural and social backgrounds.

This year’s project has been supported through a consortium involving EHO in Serbia, and The Swiss Association of Protestant Mutual Aid, and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation who will continue the project until 2018 and provide financial support.

You can learn more about the fifth year of EHO project, and how to get involved, from their website.