a room with people sitting around desks and a presenterOn the eve of the International Day of Elderly People, our Serbian member Ekumenska Humanitarna Organizacija, in partnership with Belgrade-based Citizens’ Association “Amity”, hosted a panel discussion titled “The Importance of Active Aging“.

The event was part of a larger project titled “Intergenerational Dialogue: from Active Aging to Non-Discrimination” which aims to start a public discussion on issues surrounding the employment of senior citizens and to raise awareness about the discriminative practices and rights violations that older people face.

Last week, we held our “Access to Employment Network Meeting” where the topic of active aging was also mentioned. Eurodiaconia, and its partners continue to work on raising awareness of the need for an improved visibility of elderly people on the labour market while our member organisation support senior citizens on the ground.


For more information on EHO’s panel, please visit their website.

Photo credit: EHO