2016-06-20_15h24_50Our English member Free Churches Group has recently commenced a programme called Baby Song in the mother and baby unit in HM Prison New Hall. This is a Salvation Army initiative that started in Sweden in the 90’s and quickly spread to other Scandinavian countries, and is now used in many other countries throughout the world, including the UK.

Baby Song is a special course to encourage parents to sing and interact with their child using well known nursery rhymes, children’s songs and some simple Christian songs. The programme is not only aimed at stimulating positive contact between parent and child, but also at stimulating the child’s linguistic, musical and motor skill development.

Majors Colin & Ria Campbell, Free Church Chaplains at HMPYOI New Hall, wrote: ‘’It is more than just a programme-it’s about relationships and fellowship. It is about making a positive impact, by means of music, singing and dancing. Baby Song is….when parents and children, together and actively, enjoy music in different forms such as singing, dancing, eurhythmics and movements.’’

Each session lasts for about 45 minutes followed by a cuppa and time for a chat.

Find out more about the programme here (EN).