20141007433_6cef5546c6_bOn 19th October 2016, the third ENTELIS annual seminar Technology for unlocking human potential: roadmaps for closing the digital divide for people with disabilities’ will take place in Brussels, Belgium.

The ongoing digital revolution is rapidly changing society, including the way people live, learn, work and communicate. The seminar will assess how these changes impact on the lives of people and in particular on the lives of people with disabilities. Technological innovation brings important opportunities for society to get really inclusive and for persons with disabilities to better develop their full potential. The question is whether the different stakeholders and gatekeepers are ready and willing or not to facilitate citizens and communities to grasp these opportunities.

The meeting will also be an occasion to look forward, anticipating future scenarios and possible pathways to full digital inclusion. Policies and good practices will be presented and discussed, together with two self-assessment tool for schools and service providers developed in the ENTELIS project.

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