On 27 October we hosted our first Environmental Roundtable with the goal of starting the conversation on sustainable practices and green-focused projects amongst the Eurodiaconia membership. The event allowed us to share the results and challenges that different members have faced while working on green projects, and provided insight on how those projects were structured and put into practice.

The Environmental Roundtable was held prior to the United Nations COP26 Climate Summit as a way to gain momentum on climate change related topics and to begin to articulate a Eurodiaconia green network amongst our membership.

The event had contributions from the Church of Scotland and CrossReach, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland, Kirkon Diakonie (Finland), Diakonie Baden (Germany) and the Kerk in Actie (The Netherlands). There was also the chance for participants to ask questions and discuss further on specific topics.

You can read the summary here.

If you have any questions and/or require further information on the event, please contact Alastair Cooper at alastair.cooper@eurodiaconia.org