At the last Annual General Meeting, which took place in Oslo from 20-22 June, Eurodiaconia and International Christian Hospitality/Hotels Organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to further develop fruitful relationships in areas of mutual interest.

The Memorandum defines the principles on which to develop and base future common activities and facilitate the interaction between the two organisations. In particular, the MOU underscores the mutual commitment to the expression of Christian hospitality; welcoming the stranger, providing environments that nurture spiritual growth, ensuring the social inclusion of all, in both employment and volunteering, and ensuring highest quality in all activities.

The document also emphasizes the need for both organisations to share the experience in diaconal practice and theology as appropriate, as well as jointly collaborate in relevant and agreed publications and activities.

CHI Christian Hotels/Hospitality International is a network of International Christian Hotels working to establish a world wide directory of Christian hotels. Its members are Christian Boards as well as venues who offer accommodation – belonging directly or indirectly to the Church, Diaconal Organizations, City Mission etc.; it is open to Protestant as well as Catholic members.

To know more about the principles of our cooperation, check the Memorandum of Understanding.