child's hands reaching over a fenceEurodiaconia joins Refugee Rights Europe and other civil society organisations in an urgent call to action asking European governments to relocate the thousands of displaced persons who were left homeless by the fires in the Moria camp in Greece.

Moria Registration and Identification Centre is currently hosting roughly 12-13,000 displaced individuals, despite its official capacity of only 2,800. The camp is characterised by squalid living conditions and a lack of adequate sanitation or hygiene facilities, even amid the heightened health risks due to Covid-19. The fires that engulfed the Centre and the surrounding areas have left many vulnerable individuals, including over 4,000 children, homeless and traumatised.

In light of this tragedy, Eurodiaconia and other NGOs are calling on authorities to take steps to resolve the crisis. The relocations that a number of willing Member States have been carrying out since March 2020 demonstrate that these can be executed safely and successfully and encourage other European governments, with the support of the European commission, to follow with concrete commitments and actions.


For more information, please read the full statement.