This week Eurodiaconia was invited to participate to the Council of Europe 2017 Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue in Strasbourg, France. This year’s theme, on ‘’Migrants and refugees: challenges and opportunities – What role for religious and non-religious groups?’’, provided and opportunity to explain members’ work in facilitating the integration of migrants and refugees in Europe.

Eurodiaconia members were also represented by Jean Fontanieu from the Federation d’entraide Protestante in France, who spoke of  the work of the FEP in welcoming refugees and working with them towards integration. He explained how this work, and the establishment of humanitarian corridors, has been based on both concrete project work and long term advocacy work. Many of Eurodiaconia partner organisations were also represented, enabling members of the ‘Christian group on migration’ to voice their common concern for an increased political commitment to the integration of refuges and migrants, and for a better recognition of the role of faith based organisation.

To know more about the event, have a look at the Council of Europe event webpage.