2016-09-09_13h19_44As a subscriber to our newsletter you will notice that over the summer we reviewed our layout and made changes to improve the experience for visitors.

With the new layout, we will have room for even more updates on major news and events from our organisation, as well as from our members, partners and the EU institutions. The new layout will be more spacious and easier to read for everyone.

You will still see many of the same sections you expect from our newspaper: News from Eurodiaconia, news from members, news from partners. But we will also be introducing some updates, like our new events section at the bottom of the page and the images right next to the latest news.

Last but not least, we also updated the newsletter page on our website, making easier for users to subscribe to the 5 newsletters currently produced by Eurodiaconia (Weekly/Monthly-Roma-Funding-M&E-HALTC). Have a look here!

It is our hope that you will embrace the new format of the newsletter.

Our commitment to keeping you updated with our latest news will not only continue with this change, but grow stronger in our daily support of a fairer society.