Today, Eurodiaconia released a new briefing for members titled “Non Formal Education As A Lever For Youth Unemployement In Europe.” This new briefing it is aimed at providing an understanding of the main challenges relating to youth unemployment in Europe, and how non-formal education can act as a lever to counter this. The paper highlights European initiatives and funding instruments providing a way to enhance young people’s opportunities for non-formal education to access the labour market and for personal development, as non-formal education should not be seen as merely a tool leading young people to employment. It also has a purpose in itself. The briefing will also present the work of selected Eurodiaconia members actively working in this field, following a seminar in Armenia in October 2017 showcasing initiatives from our members in Armenia, Ukraine, Italy and Spain. A list of relevant publications for further reading completes the paper.

To know more about non formal education, check our latest briefing for members.