Good mental health is fundamental to ensure people’s right to live in dignity, well-being and to realize their full potential within communities. Many Eu­rodiaconia members are active in the provision of services that support people with mental health issues, promote better mental health standards and help break the vicious circle between ill mental health and social exclusion. Our members’ work also challenges the negative stereotypes which are still asso­ciated to mental health in Europe today. In this way, de-stigmatization action and service sup­port feed each other in a mutually reinforcing way.

In 2017, Eurodiaconia carried out a collection of good practices among its membership about projects addressing mental health. A questionnaire was submitted to members actively engaging in this topic to identify innovative ideas, as well as common messages derived from different projects and organisations.


This input has been collected in a publication which is now available online.

To read more about Eurodiaconia’s position and work on mental health, check our recent policy paper.