Putting people’s well-being at the centre of all politics and decision-making is crucial, emphasises Eurodiaconia together with its Finnish members the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and the Deaconess Foundation in a joint statement issued on November 5th. The statement was released on the day of our joint event in Helsinki on the concept of the “Economy of Wellbeing” – What role and added value bring faith-based actors?

As Churches and faith-based actors, we have plenty of experience, especially through our diaconal work, of working with people experiencing poverty, social exclusion, unemployment, homelessness, and discrimination. We know, from our diaconal work at the grass-root level, the importance of promoting accessible social and health care services for all and of enhancing participation and equality.

In her keynote address, Heather Roy, Secretary-General of Eurodiaconia noted, that its quite remarkable that the Finnish Presidency of the European Council got the Member States to adopt recommendations on how to put people and their wellbeing at the centre of all policy-making – including economic policy. “We want to be involved in developing the welfare economy and thus contributing to a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable Europe”.


Find out more about our position on the economy of wellbeing on the full statement.