On 7th September the European Commission will release its European Care Strategy to address the challenges the care sector across the EU is currently experiencing. In this context Eurodiaconia is releasing a “Research Report on Demographic Change and the Future of Long-Term Care (LTC)” presenting its vision for the provision of long-term care and calling for a European Care Guarantee.

Europe is ageing and people are living longer. In fact, those 65 and over are projected to increase from 92.1 million in 2022 to 130.2 million in 2050, and those 80 and older from 26.6 million in 2020 to 49.9 million in 2050. Inevitably, this demographic shift will necessitate a robust long-term care (LTC) sector across Europe that prioritizes quality, accessibility and affordability. 

The report is based on our members’ extensive knowledge in providing quality integrated care services, including LTC, that enable everyone to actively participate and contribute to society. It identifies key challenges in delivering LTC services to an ageing society and highlights the pre-existing vulnerabilities which have been exacerbated during the COVID-pandemic. Furthermore, the report presents our vision of the future of care, based on rights-based, quality, affordable and accessible care services for all and key recommendations to European Institutions and Member States.  

Our main call is the creation of an EU Care Guarantee to ensure everyone living in the EU has access to integrated and quality care services throughout their life cycle. An EU Care Guarantee can provide a cohesive framework for Member States to support the delivery of high-quality care services, offer decent working conditions and support for formal and informal carers.  

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