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Eurofound launched the third round of its survey regarding the consequences of COVID-19 in the way people live and work in Europe.

Two rounds of the online survey have already been conducted, one in April 2020 and one in July 2020. Eurofound had released a report with the preliminary results of the first two rounds last September, elaborated from answers of 87,477 respondents from across the European Union.

The “Living, working and COVID-19” survey is conducted online, and its third round will be open until 29 March 2021. The questionnaire is composed of four main sections – well-being, work and telework, living conditions and financial situation of European, socio-demographic and the household composition of the respondent and it is open for the general public.

This survey is a crucial tool to understand how the current pandemic has affected and transformed the way we live and work across Europe in unforeseen (and problematic) ways. From the beginning of the crisis – a year ago- particular sectors have seen massive job losses, workers have faced reduced working hours or furloughing, others have continued their essential labours under difficult circumstances, or had to adapt to teleworking.

Currently, while the vaccination programmes are progressing, most European countries are still experiencing strong restrictions. The social consequences of the crisis are still unfolding and the long-term impacts on citizens and their families, countries and societies are still unknown. Thus, the data from the survey will be essential to generate evidence-based and timely policy responses for equal recovery from the crisis.

Eurodiaconia has also contributed to assessing the wide impacts of the pandemic. Our second report on the impact of COVID-19 in diaconal services, based on our member’s on-the-ground experience, is a rich source of evidence of the state of social services in the midst of the pandemic. The EU must ensure that no one is left behind, especially in the social services sector. You can read our full report here.

Should you want to take part in the third round of the survey, please go to the e-survey.

To access the data from the first two rounds of the survey, you can visit Eurofound’s website.