The European Commission presented yesterday a proposal for a Council Recommendation on access to social protection for workers and the self-employed. 

In line with the European Pillar of Social Rights, this proposal aims to set a direction for Member States to support access to social protection for all workers and self-employed, in particular for those who, due to their employment status, are not sufficiently covered by social security schemes. The Recommendation foresees:

  • to close formal coverage gaps by ensuring that workers and the self-employed in comparable conditions can adhere to corresponding social security systems;
  • to offer them adequate effective coverage, so that they can build up and claim adequate entitlements;
  • to facilitate the transfer of social security entitlements from one job to the next;
  • to provide workers and the self-employed with transparent information about their social security entitlements and obligations.

The initiative is part of a Social Fairness Package that also includes a proposal for a Regulation establishing a European Labour Authority that aims at supporting Member States in matters relating to cross-border labour mobility, including rules on the free movement of workers, the posting of workers and the coordination of social security systems. It will also enhance cooperation between Member States in tackling undeclared work.

To know more about Eurodiaconia’s views on the European Labour Authority and how to address issues linked to EU mobile citizens, you can read our response to both proposals.