BurocracyThe European Commission has launched a public consultation on an effective insolvency framework in the European Union which is open until the 14th of June 2016. The aim of the consultation is to collect views on common standards and principles which can ensure the successful working of national insolvency systems, especially with regard to a cross-border context.

The European Financial Inclusion Network (EFIN) to which Eurodiaconia is a member is organising a common response for the consultation and seeks to collect short stories on insolvency which include a cross-border dimension. We kindly ask our members who are active in the field of debt advice to share any cases of preferably EU mobile citizens who are having debts or have been taking up credits in another EU country. The input can be send to lea.schumacher@eurodiaconia.org.

Background information about the consultation can be accessed here (EN-DE-FR).

The public consultation can be accessed here (all EU languages).