Last February, our Scottish member CrossReach organized its 4th Armchair Travel session at Whinnieknowe Care Home in Nairn.

The virtual armchair travel took the residents and staff on a trip to the Orient. With strains of distinctive Chinese music wafting from the Lounge, residents gathered for their afternoon’s journey.  Each resident brought along their ‘Armchair Travel’ passport which was ‘stamped’.

An image of an aircraft leaving for China opened the slideshow featuring maps, pictures of the national flag, traditional dress, well known buildings and landmarks and of the national dress opened the activity.

A discussion with associated images about Chinese New Year, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Army, The Great Wall, the significance of the dragon and the growth of the economy over the last 20 years followed.

Travel brochures were available along with tourist leaflets, postcards, clothing musical instruments and currency for residents to look through and chat about.

During the discussions, videos of interest about the country played in the background for those who would rather watch and listen.

Next came the taster session: special fried rice, noodles, prawn toast and spring rolls, with authentic chopsticks from China and Burma.

To know more about the Armchair Travel project, check CrossReach website.