Yesterday evening, Jean Fontanieu, Secretary General of Eurodiaconia’s French member FEP (Fédération d’Entraide Protestante), was awarded the distinction of knight in the ‘’Légion d’Honneur’’, the first rank of the highest French order of merit for military and civil merits. Mr. Fontanieu received the distinction in recognition of his 32 years of ‘’civil service to his country, and people who live there’’ and his ‘’eminent merits” throughout his life and career, including his work with FEP for the establishment of humanitarian corridors. His ‘’Légion d’Honneur’’ also rewards his recent involvement in facilitating partnerships within the FEP for the creation of initiatives for the care of elderly homeless people. Jean Fontanieu insisted during his speech that he only accepted the distinction because he symbolically wanted to share it with all of those who have contributed to make all those initiatives happen. Amongst those ”co-owners”, Jean Fontanieu referred to all FEP members, diaconal organisations providing social and health care services to the most vulnerable across France. Also FEP’s President Francois Clavairoly took the floor and thanked Jean Fontanieu for reminding society about the importance of relationships and care for those experiencing vulnerability, a universal path that all humans have taken or will be taken on through life.