Our member in Germany, Diakonie Deutschland, has been involved with a collaborative project with Caritas Berlin to support homeless people this winter.

The project, called “Frostschutzengel plus” (Frost Guardian Angel) has been running since 1st January 2016, and provides counseling and health services for homeless people in Germany’s capital. The project is a joint venture between Diakonie Deutschland (Diaconia Germany), GEBEWO – Social Services, the Caritas Association for the Archdiocese of Berlin and the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD).

Berlin attracts people from many countries with different dreams, however unfortunately some are cheated or exploited, and forced into compromising life situations. The consultants of the project “Frostschutzengel plus” are health and social counselors who are especially concerned with the needs of Eastern European homeless people. Through the project, these people can now get advice and guidance in different languages: German, English, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian and Romanian. The project acts as a bridge between the Berlin homelessness aid authorities and those seeking help. With foreign language skills and knowledge about health issues and further support, they help these people on the ground. Due to demand and support from FEAD, as well as further support from donations, the Frostschützengel plus project can offer help to those in need until the end of 2018. The name remains significant: the aim is to offer help against social coldness.

The project’s annual report for 2016 is now available and provides further information on the project and the daily work, its accomplishments, and insight into the debate on homelessness of EU citizens in Berlin. You can find further information, activities, examples and conclusions in the full report.