On the occasion of World Refugee Day, a team of developers from the University of Parma released a new smartphone app called “Workeen” which aims to help refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to orient themselves in the European labor market.

Workeen” has two game levels. The first helps migrants navigate through the bureaucratic and administrative procedures necessary for receiving a job offer. The app provides a checklist of required documents for job seeking in the host country, including ID card, language certification, work experience certification and previous education.
The second level is to help the player become familiar with the social context of the new country and a new professional position, in order to avoid problematic or embarrassing situations. The second level also helps make new workers aware of their rights and prepares them to reject potential attempts at abuse or exploitation.
Overall, the application provides players with training on questions such as workplace behavior, legal aspects, communication, dress code and working standards. It creates scenarios that help players manage themselves in various situations, from simple misunderstandings to stalking or abuse.
The app is available in Italian, English, Arabic and Farsi as well as other European languages (Czech, Danish, Finnish, French and Greek). The project was financed by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 SIRIUS programme.
To learn more about the app, please consult the official press release.