2016-09-08_10h49_15This year, our German member Diakonie Deutschland (Diaconia Germany) presented a new touring exhibition titled ‘’Art Defies Disability”.

The exhibit has been showing artworks across the country both by people with and without disabilities. The main aim is to address our thinking towards disability, as well as to promote social interaction among people shaped by different life background.

Most of the artists involved in the project deal with disabilities in their everyday lives and use arts to communicate with the world. Some of them work with their mouth and feet, and find in arts a way to get out from a dimension of silence and loneliness. The results are often stunning.

Every year, Diakonie Deutschland runs a huge variety of inclusive arts workshops which support people with disabilities or mental health problems. The classes enable people to make great art and play a valued role in their city’s cultural life.

The exhibition can be visited at the Documenta-Halle in Kassel, Northern Hesse, until the 18th of September.

Find the calendar with the next exhibition venue here (DE).