Forced displacement is a phenomenon that is affecting a rapidly growing amount of people. Despite the increasing numbers, host societies have not shown much willingness to increase integration measures. In this context, projects such as “Humanitarian Corridors” (HC) have proven an effective solution in fostering community and societal support for refugees.

The initiative is a joint project between Diaconia Valdese, Eurodiaconia and others. Project partners Confronti and Idos have released an impact assessment report consisting of two case studies. They focus on the impact of the HC program experience in Italy and France both for the host communities and on the integration of the newcomers. The assessment is part of the AMIF-funded project “Private Sponsorship for Integration: Building a European Model” and is based on interviews and consultations with persons directly concerned. The analysis shows that the HC program grants fast and effective protection to people in danger and confirms it as a best practice model for integration in the host society.


To learn more about the “Humanitarian Corridors” and their impact, please read the full impact assessment or visit the AMIF-PPI project website.

Photo Credit: FEP